3 ways to make a room smell good

3 ways to make a room smell good

Did you know that aromamarketing really works? An office, a work space or even a corridor near the reception desk needs a beautiful fragrance. Its purpose is not only to refresh the interior and appeal to customers or employees.

It should also relax, pass the time and even… be associated with your company and remind you of it!

How do you do it?

Step 1: Think about what kind of fragrance your company should be associated with

Citrus refreshment, delicate sweetness, or perhaps a whiff of luxury with oriental and spicy notes? Choose an aroma that captures the spirit of your business. The fragrance must be original and light. It must not be overpowering, because then it will be tiring instead of exhilarating.

Step 2. start diffusing the chosen fragrance into the space

The next step is to introduce the fragrance into the interior. You can do this with an air freshener, an automatic fragrance dispenser, scented sticks or an original looking diffuser. Remember not to overdo it with the number of items! Subtlety will be a great asset.

Step 3: Only frequent and thorough cleaning will ensure a fresh fragrance!

It’s no use using the best air fresheners or scent dispensers if your office space has unrefreshed couches, carpets or dusty corners. So first of all, invite a good cleaning team into your company. You’ll find that keeping things tidy and smelling great is a piece of cake!

And what is your way of refreshing your space?