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Are you looking for a company to which you can order your post-renovation cleaning? Do you need specialists who offer flexibility in terms of the work carried out, frequency, type of equipment and number of staff?

Outsource your post-renovation cleaning to Cleanhub, the cleaning company in Wrocław and rest assured that the result of any renovation will sparkle in the colours of revelation.

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Post-renovation cleaning - What is included in the service?

Every renovation and construction project is different; therefore, we take an individual approach to each project and tailor the scope of activities to the specific needs. As part of the contract, we also go beyond the standard cleaning model and provide, in addition, ongoing cooperation with the construction manager, the ongoing reporting of defects detected during cleaning, as well as the preparation of a comprehensive cleaning plan for the already completed and commissioned building. Check what is included in the service.

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At this stage, we remove construction dust and dirt from walls, ceilings, window sills, floors, skirting boards, furniture, doors, sockets, lamps, etc.

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Specialist cleaning

The next stage is the cleaning of more serious contamination including marks and stains from building materials including putty, glue, grout, paint.

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Vacuum cleaning

To clean floors, floor coverings, capets and hardwood floors, we use special cleaning products that can cope with the most serious dirt and maximise the speed of work on a large area.

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Cleaning of fittings and glazing

We clean tiles, mirrors, light fixtures, fittings, showers, baths, WCs, bidets, windows and facades including frames.

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Floor washing and cleaning

In the case of seriously soiled floors and floor coverings, we clean the surfaces using traditional methods or machine cleaning (resin floors).

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Electronics cleaning

The scope includes the cleaning of lamps, energy boxes, technical elements in rooms, hallways, halls or staircases.

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Removal of rubbish and waste

When the work is finished, we segregate and transfer the construction waste to a waste disposal plant or industrial waste recycling site.

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Regular cleaning

As part of the service, we can also prepare a cleaning plan for the already commissioned facility that takes into account all the contractor’s guidelines.

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Cleaning after renovation - Wrocław - CleanHub

Clean Hub is a company in Wrocław that offers professional cleaning services and takes care of cleanliness in the broadest sense. Our activities include professional cleaning of offices, malls, staircases, hotels, production halls and warehouses as well as entire housing estates.

Our aim is full customer satisfaction, which we achieve through a professional cleaning service that always completes its tasks on time. With Clean Hub you can be sure that the space will be spick-and-span.

I encourage you to find out more about the services of the Clean Hub cleaning company. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we offer cleaning services that are tailored to the specific site, the time of execution and specific guidelines.

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The 6 reasons to choose Clean Hub, the cleaning company in Wrocław

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Professional post-renovation cleaning services

We provide a comprehensive post-renovation cleaning services, constantly developing new technologies that allow us to carry out our work efficiently while maintaining the highest quality.

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Constantly at the post

As a cleaning company, we provide ad hoc as well as permanent post-renovation cleaning services for large facilities, including office buildings, halls and markets.

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Experienced staff

The staff at the Cleanhub cleaning company is a crew with years of experience; therefore, we know how to deal with the biggest challenges in terms of surface area as well as the difficulty of the work commissioned.

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Professional equipment

We only use certified and professional cleaning products in our work, including chemical products and accessories that maximise the effectiveness of cleaning large areas.

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Cleaning up after renovation in emergency situations

Our concern is to carry out professional cleaning as quickly as possible, even in emergency situations, e.g. a sudden breakdown that prevents further construction and renovation work.

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Comprehensive cleaning

With our company operating in the Wroclaw area, we take a professional approach to every task carried out. Whether it’s a simple window cleaning or a comprehensive cleaning of an entire office building.

Customer feedback

A reliable company and a committed owner. Good quality-to-price balance. I recommend.

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Robert Senczek

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Great cooperation, a solid company to deal with unusual tasks. I highly recommended 🙂

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Modern Art & Design

source: Google My Company

Professional cleaning company and very friendly staff. We have been using their services for some time now and are very satisfied, I heartily recommend them.

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Maksym Gorczyca

source: Google My Company

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