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Maintenance of greenery

Are you looking for a company to take care of your green spaces comprehensively? Not enough time to take care of all the details, but want the area to stand for a perfectly landscaped space? Unwilling to rely on seasonal workers who don’t always pay attention to the details?

Outsource your greenery maintenance to Wrocław-based Cleanhub and let us breathe life into an area that will become synonymous with an eden-like space.

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Greenery maintenance - What is included in the service?

When you choose Cleanhub to maintain your green spaces, you are investing in certainty. Certainty that the space will become an attractive landmark of the area you manage. As part of our greenery maintenance service, we don’t just mow lawns and trim withered limbs. We make sure that the vegetation is flourishing, which will ultimately become a landmark of the area you are now managing. See what is included in the range of services:


Mowing lawns

We keep lawns in good condition by regularly mowing, watering and nourishing the grass, which will be as even as the pitch at the National Stadium.

Watering can with water

Watering plants

We take care to water the plants regularly, taking into account their needs, so as to keep them healthy and aesthetically pleasing, but also to prevent them from becoming rotten.

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Trimming of shrubs and hedges

We regularly trim shrubs and hedges so that they can be measured from a ruler, ensuring that they will be preserved in good condition and aesthetics.


Planting of trees, shrubs and flowers

We replenish trees, shrubs and flowers, helping to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the area in keeping with the natural arrangement.

Means for weeding

The weeding

We remove and use planet-safe weed killers to counteract the growth of plants that disfigure green areas.


Taking care of water installations

We take care of the aesthetics and purity of ponds, fountains and small pools by regular cleaning of the water as well as the area surrounding the water object.

Bench among the trees

Gardens and playgrounds

We pay special attention to the regular and comprehensive maintenance of gardens and playgrounds in order to make the experience of relaxing in nature as pleasant as possible.

Plant under the dome

Vegetation condition monitoring

As part of the service, we regularly monitor the condition of the vegetation in the area so that, if necessary, we can react immediately and take steps to improve the aesthetics of the area.

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Office cleaning Wroclaw - Clean Hub

Clean Hub is a company in Wrocław that offers professional cleaning services and takes care of cleanliness in the broadest sense. Our activities include professional cleaning of offices, malls, staircases, hotels, production halls and warehouses as well as entire housing estates.

Our aim is full customer satisfaction, which we achieve through a professional cleaning service that always completes its tasks on time. With Clean Hub you can be sure that the space will be spick-and-span.

I encourage you to find out more about the services of the Clean Hub cleaning company. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we offer cleaning services that are tailored to the specific site, the time of execution and specific guidelines.

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The 6 reasons to choose Clean Hub, the cleaning company in Wrocław

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Professional greenery maintance services

We provide a comprehensive care for green areas, constantly developing new technologies that allow us to carry out our work efficiently while maintaining the highest quality.

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"Live" response to changes

As a cleaning company, we provide interim as well as permanent (daily) maintenance services for green areas in and around Wrocław.

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Experienced staff

The staff at the Clean Hub cleaning company is a crew with years of experience; therefore, we know how to handle the most challenging situations.

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Professional equipment

We only use certified and plant-safe chemicals and equipment in our work, which maximises the effectiveness of caring for greenery properly.

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Emergency maintance of greeneries

In the event of natural phenomena: downpours, thunderstorms, hailstorms, windstorms, we respond quickly to restore the appearance of green spaces to their pre-incident state.

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Comprehensive maintenance of greeneries

With our company operating in the Wroclaw area, we take a professional approach to every task carried out. Whether mowing lawns or planting large areas.

Customer feedback

A reliable company and a committed owner. Good quality-to-price balance. I recommend.

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Robert Senczek

source: Google My Company

Great cooperation, a solid company to deal with unusual tasks. I highly recommended 🙂

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Modern Art & Design

source: Google My Company

Professional cleaning company and very friendly staff. We have been using their services for some time now and are very satisfied, I heartily recommend them.

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Maksym Gorczyca

source: Google My Company

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