The 3 most eco-friendly cleaning products

The 3 most eco-friendly cleaning products

As specialists in messy topics, we have our own ways of tidying up. Today, we’ll give you tips on how to keep things tidy in the spirit of eco.

Rest assured, this will not be a post about soda and vinegar!


This cocktail is great for dealing with viruses. You only need two ingredients to make the spray: alcohol (preferably tasteless vodka) and 6 lemons. Wash and peel the fruit and put the peels
into the prepared jar. Pour the alcohol over the fruit and leave in a dark place for several weeks (up to 6 weeks). The remedy is ready when the liquid is yellow in colour. It should then be filtered and poured into a spray bottle. Ahyy, viruses!


This remedy, although it has a rather complicated and chemically reminiscent name, is entirely NATURAL. Borax is nothing more than the sodium salt of weak boric acid. It is found in sedimentary rocks and is a mineral. Borax can be used to clean stains, unblock pipes or remove mould. An example? Its mixture with water (1 tablespoon per 4 litres) is a good stain remover. Soak the fabric for half an hour and then throw it in the washing machine. The effects will be visible after one wash.


Who says you need expensive sprays to freshen up a room? Simply stock up on natural essential oils and a diffuser. The next step is to create a bespoke blend to suit your needs. Refreshing an interior? 5 drops of eucalyptus oil + 2 drops of peppermint oil + 2 drops of rosemary oil. Eliminating unpleasant odours? 3 drops lavender + 3 drops tea tree
tea tree + 2 drops of mint + 1 drop of lemon. Increased motivation and focus? 5 drops of wild orange + 5 drops of lemongrass.

And what are your go-to eco cleansers?